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    fond look return●ed his anxious gaze.She strug●gled to withdraw herself from his embrac▓e, but the tone of reproachful agony with ●which he pronounced her name rend●ered the struggle vain; and, clinging to him, s▓he sobbed.“I thought not of this, dreamed not● of this; even in

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    the dark foreboding haze▓ clinging round the hour of meeting▓.Gabriel, in mercy leave me, or I shall ●forget my vow, and hurl down on me th●e wrath of the dead.” “Leave ▓thee!—vow!—wrath of the dead!” he re●peated.“Oh, do not talk so wildly, love●; reproach, upbraid

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    me, as t▓hou wilt; but tell me not to leave thee.Wherefo●re should we part” “Gabriel, it must be!● I have no strength when I gaze on thee●.Let not perjury darken this deep misery: le●ave me!” “Perjury! what● hast thou sworn” demanded Montgomeri, ●hoarse, and choked

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with stro▓ng emotion. “Never to wed with heresy●! To retain the faith of my ancestors pure an●d unsullied as I received it.My father, ▓from hi

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s bed of death, demand●ed this vow, and I pledged it unhesit●atingly; for could I doubt thee▓” She had spoken with unnatural com▓posure, but there

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was such a sudden and agon●ized change on the features o▓f the count, that it not only banished calm●ness, but reawakened hope.

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“Oh, say thou wer●t deceiving me, Gabriel.Dearest Gabriel, hav▓e I not judged thee wrongly,● that still we may pray together as we ha●ve prayed Thou h

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ast not turned asid●e from our old and sainted creed.Say but t●his grief is causeless; that I may still lo●ve thee without sin; that there is no need to pa●rt!” “Part!” he passiona●tely exclaimed, “


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and from thee Oh, no, n●o!”

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